Canopy Frame Styles

Check out the variety of boat lift cover styles we have to offer and find the one that best fits your needs.

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Boat Lift Cover Styles

Coastline Boat Lift Covers uses quality materials in the manufacture of your boat lift cover. We inspect each and every cover before it is delivered and again after every installation to ensure it is done right the first time! Our goal is to deliver a product that you will love today and for many years to come.

1. Dominica with I-Beam

Our most popular style of the frame due to its incredible durability! Under high stress, the I-Beam provides extra support and allows for bending to occur. In turn, the bending creates the best wind resistance which makes it suitable for hurricane season. Due to its style, the Dominica with I-Beam provides extra shade making cleaning and maintenance much cooler!

2. Dominica Retro

The original Dominica! This classic style takes you back in time. It is the perfect touch for those who prefer an old-school appearance.

3. Cayman

The Cayman is the ideal style for those who cannot build into no-build zones. Additionally, this style works great for boats without tops by providing them with maximum protection from the harsh environment. The Cayman can be built with or without the I-Beam feature.

4. Barbados

Featuring the traditional “V” shape, this style gives your boat lift cover an additional overhang of 12-30 inches. The I-Beam feature can also be added to the Barbados.

5. Antigua

The Antigua also includes the traditional “V” shape however, instead of overhands this one-of-a-kind style includes drop-down sides. The Antigua can be made with or without the I Beam feature.